Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 Money Saving Tips to Never Pay Full Retail

What would you do with an extra $500-$1000 each year?  Would you take a weekend trip, buy a flat screen t.v., or update your wardrobe?  The best part is that you can make this money just by purchasing everyday items that you were going to purchase anyways.  I've never paid full retail for over 5 years and enjoy free trips to beautiful Chicago every 6 months, just by following these 5 tips:

Tip #1   Skip the Cash!  Make every puchase with a debit card (non-pin).  That's right, even purchases under ten dollars.  Ever wonder why the wiseguy in front of you decides to pay with his card for a $6 purchase?  He is slowly earning enough money for his Chicago trip.  There are several banks that offer debit card (non-pin) purchase cash back rewards.  These rewards could be up to 2% of every purchase.  USAA debit rewards and U.S. Bank FlexPerksSM are two of the best programs available.

Tip #2  Get Credit with Credit!  Sometimes it makes more sense to use a credit card rather than a debit card.  Instances include making larger purchases, buying gasoline, and traveling.  Credit card rewards can be in the form of merchandise, travel credits, or up to 20% cash back when used with certain vendors.

Tip #3  How Loyal are You?  Customer loyalty programs exist in almost every industry-from coffee to cars.  Use loyalty programs for every purchase.  Loyalty programs can save you up to 20% off retail prices.  Businesses realize that it is much more affordable to keep their current customer base rather than constantly marketing for new customers.  Search for loyalty programs at Perkler.

Tip #4   Search and Save!  Planning to run a few errands and stop by the nearest chain superstore?  Go to first and print your savings.  You may be able to cut your grocery bill by up to 50% with some persistence and some eagle eyes for a great deal.  Also get the Ebook full of information on how to save thousands grocery shopping.

Tip #5  Let Your Mouse Do the Driving!  Gone are the days of spending an entire afternoon driving from store to store to nab the best deal.  Use a price comparison shopping site to do the heavy lifting for you.  These sites can save you gas, time, money, and frustration.  One of the best is

Use all 5 tips and you'll be on the way to your Chicago.

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