Saturday, October 23, 2010

5 Things You Must Have on Your Resume

1.     Relevant Experience-  This is a must!  Employers want to see that you know what you're doing!  Taking a chance on an applicant with no relevant experience is too risky, especially when there is such a large pool of potential employees on the market.  Experience doesn't just have to be a former job.  It can be from internships, volunteering, or even an involved school/community project.  Be Creative!

2.     Stable Employment History-  Employers don't want job hoppers!  Hiring a new employee is risky because it is expensive to train an employee to become efficient at their job.  High turnover can eat away at a company's bottom line.  Just be careful when you select your next job, because you should stay at least 2-3 years in that position.

3.     Entrepreneurial Experience-  Do you own a small business?  Have you ever owned a small business?  Companies look for candidates that have this kind of experience in every industry.  Why?  Owning a business takes a LOT of hard work and persistence.  Entrepreneurs also have a sense of all the expenses involved in a running a business.  Employers believe that they will be more efficient and cost saving employees.

4.     Education-  Think of education as the foundation to a house.  Education is learning the basics and history of a particular subject to help you increase your knowledge about that subject.  This will pave the way for your career so you don't build a house of cards (and see it collapse). 
        Sure, you can train someone how to give a flu shot.  Could you expect that same person to know how it works or what to do if something goes wrong?  Employers realize that employees with formal training have a more thorough understanding of their industry.

5.     Extra-curricular Activities-  No one wants to hire "plain Jane" that doesn't have a personality or life outside work.  Companies look for employees that won't "burnout".  They want to see that you have other interests besides your job field.  Activities also show a new boss that you "get along with others" and are approachable.  It doesn't matter what you do: bull riding, skydiving, scuba diving, sports, reading, dancing, horticulture, etc.  Make sure you let them know that you are no "plain Jane".

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